Saturday Gratitude Post — 02/15/2014

It’s Saturday evening, here in Maine, and we are supposed to get our second significant snowstorm in as many days.  I must begin this post with great thanks that all the people I know and love, who are traveling today, have so far arrived safely, and I hope the same for all travelers.

Speaking of traveling, my best friend and big sis, S., had a ticket to fly up for my Dad’s surprise 80th birthday, but the airline cancelled her flight a couple of days in advance.  We all wish you could have been with us, S., and Dad knows what happened with the ticket.  He was really happy you were planning to attend.  Maybe for his 85th!  He looks terrific and was really surprised when he arrived — not always an easy surprise to pull off.

I did see some of my sisters, and a couple of cousins, whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  When my cousin M., and his wife K., are around, we laugh like we’re out of control.  Today was no different.  I also rode to the party with my sister DB, and home with M., so we all got a chance to catch up.  Lots of fun.

Mom received some good news this week — her right hand is growing more numb by the day.  Now she has seen a specialist, and they are going forward with the surgery.  Yay!!  I know this will make life easier for her in so many ways.  I am really thankful that you hooked up with such a good specialist, Mom.

I am, as always, grateful for my life, my health, my lovely little home, my family, and all of the good people with whom I surround myself.  I feel well, and I’m making a point to enjoy every minute of each day, to the best of my ability.  I completed three paintings this week, but I just painted over the last with white — I want to try the same subject, surf, again from the start.  Most of my readers will understand when I say how much fun this new hobby is — I look at my finished work, and I get all bubbly with joy and satisfaction.  I do need to slow down, though — I can see going through $100s-of-dollars-worth of canvasses in just a few days.

I consider all of my blessings, and I count myself one of the most fortunate women in the world. That makes me smile!



I’d like to ask everyone for good wishes and healing thougts — my dad’s appendix ruptured, and he was taken to emergency surgery this morning early.  They were able to perform the surgery lapariscopicly, which hopefully will mean shorter healing time.  Dad is in the best health I’ve seen in years — he just lost some weight, and that will also help.

Sister DB and I went up to see him in the hospital — we didn’t stay long, as he nodded off once or twice, and we could tell he was fighting to keep his eyes open.  He will be discharged tomorrow, which I know because I already decided he is going to be just fine!  Thank you all for the blessings I know you will send this way.

My Gratitude List 08/25/12

Well.  It’s Saturday again already — this week went by so quickly, I’m hard-pressed to separate different events.  But I always write this Gratitude List on Saturdays, so here goes.

1.  First, something for which I am not grateful.  Dad and I had an argument, based on my very sharp and strong reply to one of his anti-Obama emails.  Sad.

2. I am tremendously grateful to my mother’s friend, R.  She has given me a salve, made from a common weed, which helps my ulcers to heal.  They have responded immediately to the salve, an amazing healing process, especially as compared with past healing times.  Sadly, the express purpose of the salve is to stop itching, and that is the one thing it isn’t doing.  My Morgellan’s is acting up, and each new pair of follicles affected begins by itching almost uncontrollably.  Still, this salve is miraculous, or nearly so — I could almost see the sores closing up.  Thank you, R.!  And thank you, Mom, for letting her know I needed it.

3.  Today my mom gave me one of her recliners, so that I may get away from the desk chair every once-in-a-while.  I love both chairs, but where I must keep my feet elevated, I change the fit of the lumbar support mechanism.  I tried sitting at the desk without my feet up, and the blisters and the itching were so bad after an hour, I had to stop.

4.  I am exceedingly grateful that my niece MV. is safely off to college, to a place she really likes.  I am so proud of her.  My sister, J. is doing the empty-nest thing very well, but I know she’s hurting a lot inside.  I’m sending you great big hugs, J.!  In addition, I am thankful for all of my family, and I wish for each of them peace and a fulfilling week!  Love you guys!

5.  I am grateful that the swelling in my legs is not getting worse.  I saw my PCP yesterday, and he has given me an open referral for the wound clinic.  That’s a good thing, because I cannot get an appointment there on my own.  She’s scrambling as it is.  The last time I went to the wound clinic, nurse Patsy made me an Unna boot, and I healed quickly as a result.

6.  I had a lovely dinner at a local Chinese restaurant with my friend, F.  We each ended up taking a big box home — I’m still eating that chicken, days later, but it tastes great! He will be helping me with my new desk.  And my friend TGT, who basically muscled this recliner over here.  Thanks to you both, guys!

I’m sure I have many more subjects for gratitude in my life, but I’ve hit most of the high notes.  In spite of everything, I am a lucky woman, to be alive.

Apology to Republican citizens, including my father and brother

I received an email this morning from my brother M. In it, he spoke of the unfairness of lumping all Republican party members, including himself and our father, with Reprehensible Todd Akin. Before I address the topic, let me apprise you of who these men are :

My father spent twenty years in the U.S. Air Force, as pilot of multi-engine aircraft, including the KC-135 air-to-air refueler. He servedhis country honorably, and retired with the rank of  Major and the wings of a Command Pilot. He flew the Caribou aircraft in the Viet Nam War, and was an instructor pilot for much of his service. Through him, I spent some of the best years of my life at Cigli Air Base, near Izmir, Turkey. My father holds a conservative view of politics and society, and is firm in his belief of what is best for America. My father’s Air Force career, and his life after retiring, have been unswerving in his loyalty to his country.

My brother M. joined the United States Navy after high school and a couple of years of college. He began as an enlisted man, and qualified for the training necessary to complete the requirements to become an officer.  The Navy made it possible for him to return to college and he graduated with a degree in Physics.  He served twenty years on nuclear submarines, and retired with the rank of  Lieutenant Commander.  Toward the end of his service, he represented the United States as liaison to the Canadian Submarine Service. He is still married to his high school sweetheart, L.  Together, they’ve raised three beautiful children; the oldest has graduated from college, and the younger two have now graduated from high school. I am very proud to be their aunt. They are now living near Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota.

M. pointed out, very kindly, that I lumped all Republicans in with Todd Akin, and thereby misrepresented millions of American Republican citizens.

He’s right — I did. I should not have lumped you all together. I apologize.

A Father’s Day Limerick

My dad plays a pretty good game —

Of golf he will proudly exclaim,

“I don’t play like a pro,

But I’m happy, you know,

Because I have fun just the same.”


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Doing my not-best

Four Agreements cards time, with big thanks to Don Miguel Ruiz.  I have drawn a card which is kicking off a bunch of ideas in my head.  Today’s card comes from the Agreement Always Do Your Best.  The card’s lesson today is:

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