Saturday Gratitude Post 6/7/2014

Welcome to my Saturday Gratitude Post.  Before I begin, I enjoy writing this post almost every week; may I suggest that some of you might enjoy writing a gratitude post weekly.  No rules, no themes.  Simply a post about your life and the blessings you experienced the previous week.

I am grateful for so many blessings, big and small, that touched me this week.  I am feeling very healthy, losing a little weight and, surprisingly, I’m not having difficulty sticking to the renal diet.  As a result, my blood sugars are far better, and I look relatively shapely right now.  I am so grateful that I am fighting myself all the time when I am caring for my body and my health.

Our weather is glorious — bright blue sky in the morning and early afternoon, then clouds and rain in the middle of the day, and finally back to clear skies for the latter part of the day.  Each day like this is a gift, and I spend a lot of time outdoors.  What a treat after such a long winter!

Someone is mowing grass outside, that lovely smell of cut grass blowing into my living room — a smell that, for me, embodies all the glories of summer.

Mom is much more contented, and enjoying an overall sense of good health, though her knees still bother her if she sits too long in the wrong chair.  The rest of the family is doing well; J., my next younger sister, lives with her family just north of San Diego.  The fire doesn’t usually reach their block, but they are close enough to unsettle nerves.  Nevertheless, J. is home with her husband M. and their daughter M., who just finished a successful year in college, and who will be dancing at SeaWorld this summer.

The rest of my family are happy, busy, and enjoying Spring.  My older sister can finally get into the pool, and that must feel like a little slice of heaven.  My brother’s son and daughter  serving  in their respective stations.  S. is at sea, and I wish I was there, too.  I love being on the ocean.  C2. is thriving down in Maryland —  she will be a wonderful doctor/nurse/medic or anything else she pursues. My brother’s oldest daughter is closer to home, trying and outgrowing ever retail job she’s had.  I know that she will decide where she belongs soon — C1 is a strong young woman.  Finally, my sister DB’s younger daughter, left high school after four remarkably interesting years, after several successful theater performances in which she shone.

I start back to work this Wednesday, and I can hardly wait.  Funny how four little hours a week are so important — I look forward to seeing my fellow workers, and all the customers I see at the register.  I am at least strong enough for one day, and that is all I am working this week.  I hope to work two days next week.

Life is good.  D. and I took a big swipe out of the living room last week, disassembling my altar and giving away anything I no longer use.  We cleared off the dining room table and put all of my pump supplies in a big drawer in the kitchen, which I should have done at the very beginning.  What a difference a clean table makes.

My life is so full of joyful goals.  D. and I know the balance we each need for the cruise.  I am not really very close, actually, but I have four more months, which will mean at least $400 in savings.  I saw a program about Belize today, and the teal and aqua water just called to me.  I am practicing patience!

This is only a small section of my Gratitudes list.  I am a very lucky woman indeed.


Happily Giving Thanks

We live in a bountiful land, loaded to the gills with so many blessings, in the produce of the land, the variety of forests, the differences of the dirt itself, in color and chemical makeup.  We Americans live in comfort, for the most part; comfort that citizens of other parts of the world cannot even imagine.  We have access, and now more access, to health care, to the treatments and drugs we need to survive the many and various bacteria and viruses which are always with us.  We are blessed, and we have much for which to be grateful.

Shortly after I launched this blog, I announced a Gratitude Challenge which, as far as I know, two people have  accepted.  Maybe people don’t know how to say it, or write it.  With a short self-inventory, however, I believe anyone can come up with at least a couple of reasons to give thanks. This very act reminds me of how good my life is, and how often I squander it, when I get wrapped up in happenings of the day.  I am reminded, each Saturday, when I write this list, of how fortunate my family has been, (as I am the least healthy of us, and I am working on that.)  I wish I could convey the feeling of peace I find in writing that post every week.  Maybe if I could, more readers would be willing to take a stab at it.

This is not a religious act.  When I give thanks, I offer it up to the stream of consciousness, and to everyone and everything that is made up of a tiny fraction of the material of the universe.  We are the little pieces of the universe which it makes of itself in order to be conscious and to have effect on each other and the world, hopefully for good.  We are stardust, and that makes us and our thanks as luminous as every star in the sky.  On Thanksgiving day, when I see for how much I can be grateful, I say Thanks.  I am a very lucky woman.

Gratitude list — Saturday, August 24, 2013

I am so thankful today.

With many thanks to Eldy

With many thanks to Eldy

We had another perfect Maine summer day — great temps, lower humidity, light breeze.  Mom and I got together this morning and threshed beans my sister DB grew in her garden — doors and windows open, and kitties around us, asking me to scratch their ears and give them treats.  We were all deliciously relaxed and comfortable — Mom made a special treat:  my Nana Gray’s blueberry cake.  I ate some, and every bite was a little piece of food heaven.

We talked about her Google Chromebook, and I started this post on it.  My Mac laptop is feeling a little worn — the h, g, and v buttons either don’t work, or need to be leaned on.  The left shift button stopped working  almost 2 years ago, and now when I type on any other keyboard, I forget to use the left shift, and do it all with my right hand.  Still, I am using the laptop right now, and for straight typing, not requiring speed beyond my typing speed, this computer still works.  So I have plenty of time to save for another laptop, after I get done saving for the cruise.

My exercise program is still progressing well, and I am glad stairs are a part of my regimen, because today our power went out when somebody hit a light pole on the highway through town.  A few of the residents were stuck on the second and third floors, and I was happy to be mobile through it all.  I managed to pedal 45 minutes without the benefit of TV to distract me.  Instead, I read a good book and while the time didn’t seem to go as quickly, before I knew it, 45 minutes were over.  I climbed the stairs both ways, down and up, and got to most of my other tasks.  One of the ones I missed was no added sugar, what with the blueberry cake, but I don’t care at all.  The cake was worth sacrificing a few marbles.

For all of this, I am grateful, and for things like walking up a flight of stairs with a lot less pain, and down the stairs with no pain at all.  I am grateful that my sister DB’s garden is as prolific this year as it has been in the past.  I thank the Universe for helping my sister DC and her husband to get her oldest girl to college with minimum difficulty, and thankful that my oldest niece has a healthy new daughter — a lovely sister to grow up with her older brother.  I hope that everyone in their sphere is well and happy.  She is precious!  Who’d ever have thought I would live to be a great-aunt?  Very cool!

In fact, I am happy and relatively healthy myself, and for that I am gratified beyond measure.  I know I say this every week, and I don’t want to sound pat, but really, I am a very lucky woman.

Gratitude Saturday Challenge

Well, I have good news and not-so-good news.  I chose to pick up the kitchen and living room today, and not to turn on the computer until I was finished.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-good news is I almost forgot this post, which is so important to my well-being.

I am very grateful for my life, which continues to ride along a nice, quiet track.  I am slowly breaking bad habits, or losing the need to have those habits.  Hence the little bit of housework I chose to do this morning.  Of course, since I am such a black-and-white kind of woman, I need to be careful not to OCD in the other direction, (Yeah, right!) Continue reading

Saturday Gratitude List, 03/15/2013

Oh, I am so grateful today.

I am grateful that I am healing and progressing through my convalescence with minimal difficulty. This involves so much more than feeling positive — all of my family, friends, readers have helped to show me the value of loving myself and caring whether or not I get well, in a way I never felt before. I am monumentally grateful for the blog, which keeps me more in balance than I have ever been!

I am grateful to the taxpayers of the entire USA, whose taxes are paying for my stay in this lovely facility and the skilled help I need. I tried recovering without rehab, and messed it up completely. Now I see the immense value in this process. I am thankful for all of the staff here at Horizons, and for the network of help I see growing around me as I approach the time to go home.

I am grateful for all of you,, my readers and friends, who have poured out your love and support in your comments and your presence. Your very existence recharges my batteries daily, and while I may take a couple of weeks to answer your comments, I see them immediately, and I thank you all.

My Mom has been a rock through all of this, and I send out special love and thanks to her, and to all my family for their love, support, time, gifts, and interest in the course of my recovery. I love you all very much, and I hope to be back on my feet soon and back in touch with your lives. My sister Diane brought me gifts this week that will make me much more able to persist through this nuttiness — Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Orange Crush, sweatshirts and apples and a lovely early birthday gift, a portable DVD player. This last is helping to keep me sane every night, when after dinner, which is 6:00, sees the carpets roll up and most residents in bed. I have watched movies every night since she brought it, and she gets big thank you points for such a kind gift. Thanks, Diane — I love you and your family very much.

The nursing staff here at Horizons are calming down into trust that I am pretty knowledgeable about my diabetes and how to use my pump. That in itself is a huge reason to be grateful.

And to you, my bloggy family, I offer my sincere thanks and love, and I promise I’ll be back on track soon. Thank you for your kind comments and all your good wishes. They mean a lot to me!

I am a very lucky woman.

Great News!

As I’ve described, and as you may have noticed here in the blog, I tend to overreact.  I am getting better at not overreacting, but my level of panic is tied to the severity of the events, people, ideas, and words that come to me. Continue reading