Saturday Gratitude Post 6/7/2014

Welcome to my Saturday Gratitude Post.  Before I begin, I enjoy writing this post almost every week; may I suggest that some of you might enjoy writing a gratitude post weekly.  No rules, no themes.  Simply a post about your life and the blessings you experienced the previous week.

I am grateful for so many blessings, big and small, that touched me this week.  I am feeling very healthy, losing a little weight and, surprisingly, I’m not having difficulty sticking to the renal diet.  As a result, my blood sugars are far better, and I look relatively shapely right now.  I am so grateful that I am fighting myself all the time when I am caring for my body and my health.

Our weather is glorious — bright blue sky in the morning and early afternoon, then clouds and rain in the middle of the day, and finally back to clear skies for the latter part of the day.  Each day like this is a gift, and I spend a lot of time outdoors.  What a treat after such a long winter!

Someone is mowing grass outside, that lovely smell of cut grass blowing into my living room — a smell that, for me, embodies all the glories of summer.

Mom is much more contented, and enjoying an overall sense of good health, though her knees still bother her if she sits too long in the wrong chair.  The rest of the family is doing well; J., my next younger sister, lives with her family just north of San Diego.  The fire doesn’t usually reach their block, but they are close enough to unsettle nerves.  Nevertheless, J. is home with her husband M. and their daughter M., who just finished a successful year in college, and who will be dancing at SeaWorld this summer.

The rest of my family are happy, busy, and enjoying Spring.  My older sister can finally get into the pool, and that must feel like a little slice of heaven.  My brother’s son and daughter  serving  in their respective stations.  S. is at sea, and I wish I was there, too.  I love being on the ocean.  C2. is thriving down in Maryland —  she will be a wonderful doctor/nurse/medic or anything else she pursues. My brother’s oldest daughter is closer to home, trying and outgrowing ever retail job she’s had.  I know that she will decide where she belongs soon — C1 is a strong young woman.  Finally, my sister DB’s younger daughter, left high school after four remarkably interesting years, after several successful theater performances in which she shone.

I start back to work this Wednesday, and I can hardly wait.  Funny how four little hours a week are so important — I look forward to seeing my fellow workers, and all the customers I see at the register.  I am at least strong enough for one day, and that is all I am working this week.  I hope to work two days next week.

Life is good.  D. and I took a big swipe out of the living room last week, disassembling my altar and giving away anything I no longer use.  We cleared off the dining room table and put all of my pump supplies in a big drawer in the kitchen, which I should have done at the very beginning.  What a difference a clean table makes.

My life is so full of joyful goals.  D. and I know the balance we each need for the cruise.  I am not really very close, actually, but I have four more months, which will mean at least $400 in savings.  I saw a program about Belize today, and the teal and aqua water just called to me.  I am practicing patience!

This is only a small section of my Gratitudes list.  I am a very lucky woman indeed.


40th Anniversary

40 years ago, on June 4, 1974, a Navy pediatrician diagnosed my  juvenile diabetes, (Type 1.)

In 1974, diabetes was a very frightening condition, not easily tracked, and believed to be an unavoidable path to leg amputations and blindness.  The doctor told me, with no equivocation, that my life would be short and difficult.  On that same day, the doctor told my parents not to get involved with my struggles with daily living, lest I become dependent on them.  I was 14-years-old.

I wrote in this blog about that day at least 2 times.  I will try to find those posts, but here is a synopsis of the results of that huge change in my life.  I gained much of this knowledge in just the last few years:

I didn’t feel badly, in the first 6 months.  I applied my intellect to the problem, and stuffed the feelings.  I learned to inject insulin into my body.  At that time, no home glucose monitors existed; I peed in a cup, put some in a glass test tube, and tested for ketones.  That was the only indicator that my blood glucose was high, and I needed the doctor to tell me what dose of insulin I should be taking.  This was animal insulin — no chemically recreated human insulin for years.

After the first six months, I began to feel depressed more and more, and a feeling of who cares came over me.  I didn’t overcome that feeling for longer than a few years at a time.  I was married and divorced three times, always blaming him when the problems were often mine.

I couldn’t keep a job for more than two or three years; many of my jobs lasted less than a year.  I was, (please pardon the cliche,) rudderless.  Not until I settled here, alone and miserable, did I finally face up to my own character and behavior.  That was when everything started to smooth out.

So I remember a lifetime full of carelessness, but now I am intentional about what I think and what I expect from myself. I received enormous, intense and life-changing blessings throughout my life, and I am grateful for them every day.  I accept my family just as each member is, and I love them all dearly.  I have made friends who are good for me, and I cherish them.  I look forward to waking up in the morning; I feel and see and focus on different situations in my life, but, overall, I am content.  I love my life, and I strive to maintain that love through my daily ups and downs.

So all is well.

Saturday Gratitude Post — 02/01/2014

Another Saturday, already.  I am once again full of gratitude, as I have experienced another really good week.  I feel good, blood sugars are in range, and I am pedalling every day.  My house is relatively neat, and I cooked my breakfast this morning, Huevos Rancheros, which transported me back to Colorado.  Very nice — I really love Colorado, and I am so grateful I had five years there.

Our house committee is facing a lot of bitching from people who don’t want to take part, but who feel quite comfortable criticizing those who are doing the work.  I was invited, (read implored,) this morning, to stand for Secretary.  I remained true to my promise to myself, and declined.  But the chair of the committee has taken nothing but crap for days.  She is ready to quit, as another member already did.

Meanwhile, I continue to participate in activities:  this week, Bingo and a painting class.  I love that we have a schedule of this kind of activity.  I really enjoyed painting class today — acrylics, which are very forgiving, and I got a good start on a landscape.  I will be looking forward to next week’s session.  And, for the first time since I was about 7 years old, I won at Bingo, twice.  Someday I’ll find the photo of me and my giant blue poodle prize from that day.

My family is well — Dad turned 80.  Mom is looking forward to our trip to Chicago, as am I — can’t wait to see the parts of my family I haven’t seen for years!  The weather has been marginally warmer, which is nice, but still below freezing.  Maine in Winter — what else do I expect?

I am grateful for the peace and ease of my life right now, and I plan to keep it this way.   I love my home.  I am feeling extremely lucky, and extremely thankful.

Saturday Gratitude Post 01/11/2014

I am full of grateful feelings today.  I am healthy, and happy, and feeling quite inspired.  My family is all doing well, as well — we are very lucky.

Tomorrow is Dad’s 80th birthday — Happy Birthday, Dad!  I give thanks every day that you are taking care of yourself.   Remember, you and P. promised to dance at my 75th  birthday party.  I am going to hold you to that.  What many changes you have seen in your lifetime!  Much love and best wishes. Continue reading

The Law of Attraction In My Life

There is the potential for relief (feeling better) indefinitely. In other words, we do not know of any ending point to the amount of clarity, and adventure, and joy, and Well-Being—it is an unlimited thing.

Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, October 24th, 2004

This quote sums up the blessing of living according to the Law of Attraction.  I will start with a definition of that law, as understanding how it works helps us to understand why such a state of Well-being is possible to anyone. Continue reading

My Big, Fluffy Best Friend

Last month, I spent a lovely week of spirit-boosting from Mom’s kitties.  I can think of few things better for my soul than the love of cats. Continue reading