Saturday Gratitude Post — February 22, 2014

I am so grateful, today.  I stopped this morning to think about the blessings I enjoy, and how I came to understand them so late in my life.  I am surrounded by family and friends who love me, and who want to see me succeed.  That is very gratifying.  I used to believe the people I knew, who wished me well, also had expectations I would never be able to meet.  Time and circumstance collaborate to teach me that love, friendship, encouragement, and even constructive criticism  are all gifts, from others to me.  I had best learn from them and appreciate their inherent value.

I am thankful for the many people who choose to receive and to read my writing.  Each person reading this post can take some credit for my continuing blogging successes, and if I could, I would love to thank each of you personally for your gifts of support, argument, questioning and seeking deeper knowledge.  I know the exchange between us, a function of this blogging relationship, strengthens me, and pushes me toward more in-depth writing, as well as deeper self-understanding.  Thank you, each of you, for heaping these blessings on me.

I saw my diabetes nurse-practitioner this week, and I believe we are finally dialing in my insulin levels.  This is the first time in decades that I am maintaining a solid <180 blood glucose.  I am more than happy to admit that small adjustments to my insulin doses make huge differences in not only my physical health, but also in my sense of self-confidence and self-worth.  I am very happy to be alive and interested and interacting with the world around me.

I could go on for days and still not list all the truly positive aspects of my life.  And even though I don’t mention everything for which I am thankful, I dwell now in a more solid sense of appreciation for the world around me, and for my life.  I know I say this every week, but truly, I am a lucky woman, and I live with  sincere thanks for my every moment on our lovely world.


Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!

My warm wishes to all the people who have been so supportive of me in 2013 and always — family, friends, Dream Team friends, Guppies friends, blogger friends, reader friends, work friends, friends in my building.  May this be our best year ever!

Love you all!


Saturday Gratitude List — 10/19/2013

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge (with thanks to Eldy) at Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge
(with thanks to Eldy) at
Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Almost 4:30 Saturday afternoon, and again I have fought most of the afternoon with my Android device, for which WP has a crappy setup.  Anyone know enough to give some pointers?

Nevertheless, I am very grateful today, for a large number of different happenings in my life.  I got my creatinine and other lab work back, and I’m back in the semi-safe zone.  I am glad to know this, because I decided years ago that I am not going to have kidney disease with dialysis.  I still feel the same way.

I remain with my Mom, which fact is part of the reason I haven’t posted.  I think I have been starved for deep intelligent discussions, and that’s almost all we do.  She is healing from her knee replacement. though she continues with swelling and pain.  She went for a long walk with a friend today — I bet it was more than 1/2 mile.  Her outlook is good, and we are enjoying each other’s company.  We’re about ready for a couple of days off,  which we have not yet scheduled but will soon.

My family is doing well, and I spend special hugs and love to my nieces and nephews and their families. In his or her own way, each of them is juggling new stuff in their lives, and I send them all love and success.

Today is overcast, but we have had strings of gorgeous weather, with highs in the 60s-70s, and lows in the 40s — cold enough to need a blanket in bed.  I don’t remember an October with so few rainy days before now.  Almost every day is mostly sunny and bright blue skies.

I have not spent any time on your posts, my bloggy friends.  I hope you all understand how much I needed this time off.  I’m feeling more and more balanced every day.  Please know that I will be back — maybe another couple of weeks, maybe sooner.  I know everyone needs a break from difficult or intricate responsibilities, and this one is ideal for me.  But I will be back — please don’t give up altogether!  A big HOWDY to my new readers — I’m glad you’ve joined us.

Right now, I am tripping along from one good day to the next, and for that I am exceedingly grateful:  grateful to have this opportunity, grateful to spend it with Mom, and thrilled that she is doing better, grateful for my health and the well-being of my spirit.  I am a very lucky woman.

From the Desk of the Stats Junkie

I am a little confused — my stats page says 300 FOLLOWERS! but in other places, the number is 293.  I don’t know why these numbers don’t agree, but I am choosing 300, and celebrating that!  To my 300 blogger/readers, thank you so much for being so faithful for so long.  To my FB, Twitter, and comment followers, thank you for venturing far enough into the blogoverse to find and support me.  I love you all!

Lest I forget…

This occurred to me this morning:  I write little welcome replies to all the bloggers who sign up to read my blogs.  But many of you follow from Facebook, and at least 3 from Twitter, and I haven’t thanked any of you lately.

My deepest thanks to all of the followers of this blog.  I hope you feel welcome to speak up in replies to my posts — I enjoy reading your comments, and I have received some terrific tips and corrections from many of you.  I learned through experience how helpful writing these posts is to me, allowing me to process ideas and emotions in ways that work, and bringing clarity to so much of my life.  I hope you find some clarity as well, or at least know that you aren’t the only one(s.)  Maybe have a chuckle, once in a while.

I am quite grateful for all of you, and I thought you’d like to know.

Last Week I Learned…

Last week, I learned that:

  1. I am very lucky I came to understand my mother now, before I missed out on the fun we have when we’re together.
  2. I could submit an opinion piece to a major newspaper, without worrying about whether or not it will be published there.
  3. I am no longer satisfied to take a day or two of just sitting around, watching TV and reading a book; also, that doing so results in a very sore back, which is unimproved by painkillers.
  4. I have the fortitude to recognize and change behaviors to which I’ve become accustomed, in favor of healthier, more beneficial choices.
  5. Taking time off from writing really replenishes my muse.
  6. I am no longer worried about having a certain number of readers — quality, rather than quantity, is certainly the goal, and I love my interactions with you.
  7. I can slide off the sad end of my balance, and find myself depressed and acting so without even realizing it is happening.
  8. I can also recognize this kind of mood change, and nip it in the bud.

This has been a week of introspection, much-needed but also unsettling.  But isn’t that the way life goes?