Hello, again!

Hello, my family of readers and friends, and hello to my birth family as well.

I am far better off  than the last time I wrote.  I  am near completing my time here in the rehab hospital, and have been interviewed  one-time-each by two of local skilled-nursing-facility reps, and my case worker says there will be more.  I’ll b happy to have the choice between many.  The two are 1) Seaside, which is a home on the Back Bay, and 2) St.Joseph’s skilled-nursing facility, which passed state inspections with a higher score in Health Care.  I expect more visitors from other locations, including one from Yarmouth.

My mood is far better than it was this morning.  I continue to remind myself that where I end up will be the right place, and to invite Wisdom into my heart and my choice.  In the meantime, I am still working my butt off, emphasizing on walking, and on regaining strength in my left arm.  Odd to see, I used my left arm and hand far more than I would have known before the stroke, in ordinary motions.  I pedaled on an arm-bike today, and that wore me out, but I am staying awake, so that when my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep.

So, all goes well here, and I hope that is true for all of you .  Thanks for all your comments and support!

Much love to all.



Me, at RehabHello, my readers and friends! You haven’t heard much from me in the last few weeks. At first, I took a break because I did’t know what to write, and over the last ten-or–so days I have been in the hospital, severely ill.

I had a small stroke. My speech has returned to nearly normal, although my pace is wrong, and my tongue still feels larger than the inside of my mouth.

More seriosly affected is my left arm, which remains mostly numb, although I expect to make progress in rehab, where I go tomorrow. Most notable, however, were the visions I experienced during the first day in ICU.  I believed I was among a group of pre-Islsam African scholars, treated with respect, (as though a member of the tribe,) and encouraged to participate  in the exchange of intellectual and philosophical ideas.  The stretching of my mind during this time remains, but I will need some time to sort through some stuff — eventually I will write of it.

I left the hospital this afternoon, and now reside in NewEngland Rehab Hospital.  I have to mention all the help and attention from my youngest sister, M.  She is steadfast, and she helps me prepare for the coming weeks, physically and emotionally.  Thanks, M.!  In fact, all of my family and many of my friends assist me through these tough first days, and many of them  have volunteered one of  their kidneys.  Amazing; that’s how that feels!

Saturday Gratitude List

Today, the sky is gray, the temperature is well below freezing, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little snow.  But my heart is light, and for me, at least, spring has certainly come to pass.

I am grateful, as always, for my family. They are so supportive, loving and truly concerned with my well-being.  I was issued a leave of absence, last night, to attend a production of Grease, by the students of Brunswick High School.  My niece was in the ensemble, and truly, I have never seen her look so beautiful.  The entire cast was animated and enthusiastic, the dance numbers were choreographed astoundingly well, and the show sold out, with a long list of ticket reservations for tonight.  I have never seen  a high school drama program which included upwards of fifteen male singers and dancers who were so uninhibited, and who so enjoyed performing as much as these.

My other niece and my sister sold tickets at the door, and the girls’ father attended as well. It was a very sweet family night out, and I had a blast. After, I returned here and fell into bed, and slept through a long and peaceful night.

I am so happy and grateful that I am recovering as easily as I am, following this whole broken-leg experience. I firmly believe that my positive attitude, and my desire to heal have proved vital to this successful recuperation. I am thankful, beyond words, for the staff here at Horizons Living and Rehabilitation Center, whose dedication and interest in my well-being make Rehab so much more reassuring and valuable. If I am ever in need of medical rehab again, here is where I will come.

I am both concerned and grateful when I consider the state of the world — President Obama’s recent visit to Israel brought about a landmark apology from Israel to Turkey, over an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla led by a Turkish ship.

I am thankful for the beginning of spring, despite continuing snowstorms across the U.S. In fact, the day has cleared beautifully here, and the blue sky now matches my grateful and happy heart. I am a very lucky woman, and I know it in my soul.