Saturday Gratitude Post — 02/15/2014

It’s Saturday evening, here in Maine, and we are supposed to get our second significant snowstorm in as many days.  I must begin this post with great thanks that all the people I know and love, who are traveling today, have so far arrived safely, and I hope the same for all travelers.

Speaking of traveling, my best friend and big sis, S., had a ticket to fly up for my Dad’s surprise 80th birthday, but the airline cancelled her flight a couple of days in advance.  We all wish you could have been with us, S., and Dad knows what happened with the ticket.  He was really happy you were planning to attend.  Maybe for his 85th!  He looks terrific and was really surprised when he arrived — not always an easy surprise to pull off.

I did see some of my sisters, and a couple of cousins, whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  When my cousin M., and his wife K., are around, we laugh like we’re out of control.  Today was no different.  I also rode to the party with my sister DB, and home with M., so we all got a chance to catch up.  Lots of fun.

Mom received some good news this week — her right hand is growing more numb by the day.  Now she has seen a specialist, and they are going forward with the surgery.  Yay!!  I know this will make life easier for her in so many ways.  I am really thankful that you hooked up with such a good specialist, Mom.

I am, as always, grateful for my life, my health, my lovely little home, my family, and all of the good people with whom I surround myself.  I feel well, and I’m making a point to enjoy every minute of each day, to the best of my ability.  I completed three paintings this week, but I just painted over the last with white — I want to try the same subject, surf, again from the start.  Most of my readers will understand when I say how much fun this new hobby is — I look at my finished work, and I get all bubbly with joy and satisfaction.  I do need to slow down, though — I can see going through $100s-of-dollars-worth of canvasses in just a few days.

I consider all of my blessings, and I count myself one of the most fortunate women in the world. That makes me smile!


Last Week I Learned….(05/07 – 13/2012)

It’s Monday, and time to look at the lessons I learned in the last week.  They are many, and varied.  Here are a few:

  • I learned another couple of very happy ways to celebrate my Mom on Mothers’ Day!  Happy Mothers’ Day,

one more time, Mom.  Also, Happy Mothers’ Day to sister S., whom I thought of calling several times during the day, but never did.  I am terribly sorry, S.  You are one of the wisest women I know, and I know that, besides just being who you are, being a Mom had a lot to do with that!  I love you both!

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30 Posts of Truth #7 Someone who has made my life worth living for

Here’s an answer as diplomatically as I can put it — all of my family has been such a huge part of my life.  But, without doubt, the answer is my older sister, S.

As children, we bickered and argued, and disagreed on many things.  I let that spill over into my twenties, but by the time S. turned 30, we had become friends.  As I moved away, and came back to Maine, we’d have to catch up on some stuff, but that was always interesting — our lives were so different, despite having been raised by the same people, in the same or very similar  circumstances.

My depression didn’t start getting the better of me until I was in my thirties, and from that point to this very day, S. has been a rock — no, a diamond — in my life.  I don’t think either of us could count the number of times I wept on the phone, hoping for some kind of reassurance, and she always gave me what I needed, even if that included a semi-stern talking to.  And this didn’t happen only when I was sad — she gave me the same powerful feedback when I was frustrated, even really angry with my situation.

After S. moved with her family to Key Largo, her home became a kind of once-a-year refuge.  We would hang out with her friends, an amazing group of women who opened their circle and invited me in with no questions.  We spent a lot of time in the water, just floating, (as you can only in salt water,) with my toes and my boobs and my nose the only parts of me above the surface.  I always felt rejuvenated and able to get on with life, after I’d been to the Keys with S.  And since she has moved, she brought that quality of her home with her, thank everything that is sacred!

I know of at least twice when my sister dropped everything and flew to Maine to be with me in the hospital and, on at least one occasion, she snapped me out of a very blue funk.  I would guess that, by the time we were well into this decade, she thought that blue funk was all I had left.  I certainly did.

And then these changes started.  I remember the message that finally lifted me out of the depths:  No one can hurt you unless you let them.  This lesson was one S. had told me dozens of times, but as she says, “You don’t know until you know.”  I am and always will be grateful that we have this chance to relate as two sister/friends, and enjoy each other’s celebrations, as well as sharing the more difficult parts of our lives.

So, S., you are the person who has made my life worth living for, baby, baby.  I love you dearly, and I will always be grateful, and thank the Cosmos for allowing us to choose each other as sisters.