I found this idea on a blog called, “The Short and the Long of It.”  The purpose of this page is to give my readers a spot where they can introduce themselves, talk about their own writing, or anything else, for that matter.  If you have a blog, or a website, please remember to include the URL, so that we can visit your site and read your posts.  Welcome!

June 1, 2014:  Please remember, my friends, that I would love to have all of my readers introduce themselves.  If you haven’t yet, please write a short description of yourself, your blog, any other writing you are working on or have finished, and the address for your blog, so we all can visit your site.  Comments are listed last one first, so if you are way down the list, please feel free to write another comment.  Thanks for reading my blog.


226 responses to “Friends

  1. Hi Judith! I’m Konni Kim. I’m sorry for commenting so late! I’m 17 years old, South Korean, and I’m intrigued by fashion and art. I want to become a fashion magazine editor, so I try to practice analyzing trends and writing more professionally. I can see that lots of people have said this already, but I think having a page for your readers is such a great idea! Anyways, this is my blog: Feel free to stop by if you have time! Thanks. : )

  2. HEY nice Idea ,to include such tabs
    My name is Subhash Sharma. I live in Delhi India. I am doing CA from ICAI and my Hobby is to write blogs.My passion is finding new god wallpapers .songs ,audio ,articles do research on that to share with my followers.I believe in all religion and always consider them. Always post about all religion
    ABOUT MY BLOG Galleryofgod is blog community site its having bulk gallery of god related religious and sacred content like wallpapers of god, image gallery of god, bhajan videos/god songs, audio bhajan songs, article on religiouGalleryofgod is blog community site its having bulk gallery of god related religious and sacred content like wallpapers of god, image gallery of god, bhajan videos/god songs, audio bhajan songs, article on religious topics and much more. it based on sharing quality content and new content.The main motive is sharing and promoting god’s content .Therefore we named our blog galleryofgod. An overture to Heaven Galleryofgod will provide it continuously.s topics and much more. it based on sharing quality content and new content.The main motive is sharing and promoting god’s content .Therefore we named our blog galleryofgod. An overture to Heaven Galleryofgod will provide it continuously.

  3. This is a great idea! Love it!

    Name is Jaroslaw, born and raised in Poland; did my teenage years in Canada. Since the age of 18 I have tried to move to a new city/country every 6ish months. I did random things for money for a few years before fully going online and now 8 years and counting while making all of my income on the internet. Love connecting with people from all walks of life.
    In my blog I share my views on life and share valuable stories from my past 🙂

    “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it”

  4. Hi Judith, Thank you for your comment and the invite to your blog.. I absolutely love this idea with your friends tab and would love to introduce a section like this on my blog as it’s a wonderful way to connect with our readers.. would you mind sharing how you set it up?… a widget?

    I’m Jodie, living in Mexico, my blog is all about inspiring others in a variety of ways, with some nomadic discoveries and motivational music and books. You’ll discover the interesting career path i’ve had starting out as a hairstylist in London, Working on Cruise Ships, Owned a hair salon in South Africa and my last job was as Stewardess on a private Super Yacht, Through learning a skill set of Internet marketing I started a blog and I am on my journey working towards my passion to build a retreat in the mountains of South Africa with a goal of helping others restructure their lives discover their passion and find love and peace with themselves I am currently preparing for my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training here in Mexico.

    Judith Thank you again for welcoming me to share my journey, when I have my “friends” tab up I would love for you to come over and do the same so that my readers may find you as well!

    With Love and gratitude

    – Jodie

    • Jodie, what a wonderful, exciting life you have lived. I am so happy that you shared your story with me and my other readers. Setting up this page takes very little work: if you open your dashboard, you will find a Page tab on the left. Choose that tab, and you will find directions for creating a page. Simply start a new page, add a title, and write a welcome to your friends. This becomes your first post on the new page. Then ask your readers and new followers to comment on that page. Simple as that. Most of these instruction apply to any blog server. Be sure to add your page title to your home page so others can find it easily. I’ll watch for your announcement. Good luck!

  5. Hello there, this resonates well with me as I have the same page on my blog! 🙂 Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. I landed on your page through fellow bloggers, and pleased I did, My blog is built around life lessons and encouragement. My name is Miranda and I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa 🙂

  6. Hi everyone! …And thank you Judith for inviting me along. I will just quickly introduce myself;.. My name is Amanda, I live in England and I have recently rediscovered my passion for writing. I would describe my writing style as a real ‘mixed bag’. Sometimes I write light-hearted pieces, other times I like to go a bit deeper. If you’re interested…stop by at my blog: I can’t wait to make new blogging friends, and read some more posts 🙂

  7. Hey Judith 🙂 Thank you again for the invite 🙂

    Okay, so, a little about us…

    We are ‘Team Kindness Blog’ (Mike, Lucy and Curtis) and we are passionate about sharing content featuring kindness in all its varied forms. From the simplest acts of charity performed out of sight, through to the grand gestures of kindness delivered on a larger scale, we regularly publish photos, videos, true-life-stories, personal reflections, quotes and other various media which all have that one special thing in common…KINDNESS ♥

    Please stop by! 🙂

    Best, Mike.

  8. Judith, I’m completely in love with this idea! You have so many wonderful friends and I feel so blessed to be amongst them! ♥ I’m pretty new to blogging, but I’m really enjoying writing about all the things I love – crystals, art and alternative healing modalities! You can find my blog at Love and hugs, Chrissy xxx

  9. Hi Judith,
    just like cjbailee said, I’m equally new to blogging with an intention of creating my own website and figuring out what i really want to get into. Apart from that, i’m david udah from canada and it’s an honour to be a part of your group.

  10. I find this a great idea Judith! 🙂 Well, I’m Elsie, from Ghana, and I love to write. I started my blog 2 years ago with the intention of inspiring people everywhere! I started off with short stories but found my strength in poetry writing. I love to try new things, so there’s a bit of drawing on my blog as well. I love getting feedback from fellow bloggers, and I enjoy reading what people have to share to the world. I look forward to having more conversations over here. Here’s a link to my blog:

  11. Hi Judith,
    I’m new to blogging so really have no idea what I’m doing haha. Just wanna reach as many souls as I can and let them know that ‘Happily Ever After’ is still possible despite any beginning. Anyway, I found you because of a post you left on a followers wall today. Like I said, I’m new so don’t know how to ask you privately what you meant by your comment. is me if you wanna come have a look.

    Cheers Judith,


  12. Hey Judith, thanks for dropping in on my blog and following me. A little about me (there’s more on my about page):

    I like drawing cartoons in Photoshop especially of myself and friends.
    I can be a geek, dry and technical, but also can be very creative, artistic perhaps.
    I enjoy writing especially where I’m able to teach something. Teaching helps me to internalise what I’ve already learnt and helps others, so win-win.

    I’m happy for anyone to visit my site(s). Hot topic at the moment is “Virgin’s guide to promoting a blog or a website”

    Don Charisma’s personal/professional site

    Don Charisma’s commercial site


    Don Charisma

  13. Hi Judith, What a great idea to have on your blog. I am enjoying reading other peoples comments and looking at their blogs. I stumbled across your blog doing a google search for information on diabetes. Now to briefly introduce myself, my name is Lindy Davis and my blog is full of inspiration, motivation, and silly pictures to make people smile amongst information about my business. I look forward to using your blog as a resource to be in my research. Thank you for creating such an informative blog for everyone use 🙂


    • Hi, Lindy,
      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you find some use from this blog — I must say, though, that I don’t write anywhere as much about diabetes as I thought I would. I got this Friends page from another blogger, and it’s free to use if you’d like. Nice to hear from you.

  14. Well hello everyone!

    My name is Ana Cruiz and I am a fellow blogger here at WordPress. I have a blog called The Journey To Wellness found at

    My purpose with this blog is to educate the world with the psychological knowledge I have gained throughout my life. I really do look forward to learning more from all of you and building a community of trust and of knowledge to fight the fight we are all fighting: the fight to get well.

    I also have a Twitter page at
    And a FB page at
    And a duplicate version of my wordpress blog on Tumblr

    Talk to you soon!

    Ana Cruiz

  15. Hello my name is Nancy from Melbourne, Australia. I am a stay at home mum to two special little girls Victoria 7 and Olivia Rose 3, as well as a Freelance Writer, Editor and Proofreader. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others on the topics of Health & Diet, Parenting & Motherhood and all facets of Self Improvement. I also touch on areas of Mental Health and Human Behaviour (being a sufferer of PTSD myself). Along with Technology and How To Articles. To break up the monotony of my blog I enjoy posting funny pics. If I can make someone smile at the other end, then my job is done! Please check out my blog/website Cheers 🙂

  16. Hey this is Benjamin.Thanks for sending a invite to comment on this page! I am a full time internet marketer living in Miami beach that teaches people how to make money using a blog and other various internet marketing strategies. I love to read personal development books and also I am big into spirituality and the law of attraction. I also love to laugh. I post all kinds of different things to my blog. You can check out my blog here also feel free to send me a friend request on FB I am really enjoying the WordPress community and am excited to make a lot of new friends here.

    Peace, love, and hair grease,

    • Hi, Ben. I’m so glad you decided to comment here. I put up a reminder just the other day to all my readers to check out the Friends page. I hope you get some traffic. You will find, also, that I am a big, big fan and practioner of the Law of Attraction — you will see posts about it often. Glad you’re with us!

  17. Good day, Judith. Thank you for your kind invitation. Well, what can I say? I’m writing because that’s all I can do at present. I’m a trained teacher and I loved my job, while I had one, but I always secretly wanted to be a writer, so I’m having a go, while I have the time and opportunity. You seem like you’ve got it ‘pretty together’, despite all the physical issues you’re having to deal with. I’m impressed that you were able to come out of your depression as well as you seem to have. I just feel very humbled to have found such a person as yourself and your insightful writing.,

    • Thanks, and welcome. I don’t know if you’d feel the same way if you heard from me today, which is why I didn’t post. Tomorrow, though… Glad you joined us!

  18. My name is Dr Nicholas Jenner, a psychologist in private practice. I write my blog as a reference for my patients past, present and future. I run an online therapy business and the blog is very important. I followed Judith a few days ago and had a very nice email exchange with her where she invited me over to give some details.

    My Blog

    • Dr. Jenner, Welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I will be writing a post to direct anyone to my new readers on the Friends page — you might get some traffic out of that. Mostly, I’m really glad you’ve joined us. 😎

  19. Hi Judith,

    Thank you for stopping by and for following my blog, and also for inviting me to talk about my blog here. So here goes 🙂

    My blog is the story of the awakening of a spent nation written in verse. ‘Nirbhaya’ was the name given by the Times of India newspaper to the Delhi gangrape victim. He rape and subsequent death led to widespread protests in India, where even the educated class came out on the streets. Nirbhaya became a symbol of the apathy the citizens of India suffer from at the hands of the ruling class whose crony capitalism and vested interest have been exposed hugely from 2012 onwards. What was simmering since June 2012, came to a boil in December when Nirbhaya was raped and when she died – a faceless, nameless stranger – on 30th December, India felt a great sense of emptiness and futility. 31st December was the gloomiest New Year’s eve in ‘independent’ India ever. Through verses (sonnets), I have chronicled the period from June 17th till December 31st with 3 sonnets covering each day. Out of my collection of 630 sonnets, I post 3 of them for ‘this day, last year’. This blow by blow account not only chronicles the period but helps us relive it, so that it isn’t forgotten. So on June 20th 2013, I post 3 sonnets covering June 20th 2012. and it’s eerie how we remain as shameless this year as before!

    I hope you enjoy reading them and I keenly seek your comments.

  20. Thanks for inviting me, Judith. I’m always needing friends. 🙂 You can find out about me at: if there is anything else you want to know, just ask. You will learn a lot about me by reading my earlier ‘Daily Prompt’ posts.
    I’m a versatile writer and you will find bits of this and that on my blog page. Since the A-Z April Blogging Challenge, I have started working more on my writing. My A-Z Blog contains a lot of short stories; let me know what you think. 🙂

  21. Hi Judith,
    Thank you for inviting me to Friend-Up! My name is Susan and I live in Ellington, CT where I am a freelance writer. I share my life with three cats, Nikki, Zelda, and Nadia. I was born in Chicago but, unfortunately, my parents decided to move to Denver where everything went to hell in a handbasket. But I digress! 🙂

    • Please feel free to use this idea — I got it from Vanessa at The page becomes a wonderful resource for readers looking for other blogs to read — we all pretty much think alike on big issues, but it’s fun to see the uniqueness of each blogger too.

  22. Hey, Judith! My name is Sabatino and I’m the writer and owner of Thank you so much for inviting me to introduce myself on your page! My site contains a man’s view on dating, love, relationships, marriage, and kids. I am currently in search for my soulmate and try to portray my journey through my posts. My ultimate goal would be to remind men and women about the pleasures that come along with finding true love, while providing helpful insights for preserving or reigniting the loved ones we currently behold. You have a wonderful site here and I wish you all the best. (PS – I might steal this “Friends” idea, very clever!) Cheers!

    • By all means, use the Friends page idea — I got it that way from a lovely blog called The Short and The Long of It. I celebrate you joining us — please remember to say whatever you want — I much prefer honesty from people than flattery. I’ll see you on your site, too. 😎

  23. Hi thank you for your reply. I have a blog at . You can also read my book “My Day Out With An Angel” if you have time. It is based on a real Angel encounter which changed my life with Love, Peace, harmony, Joy, Health and Abundance all around. I’ve provided the link below. Thank you all for your support.
    Peace & Love, Sanoj Angel/dp/1484044142/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367431782&sr=81&keywords=my+day+out+with+an+angel

  24. Hi Judith. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with others and share my blog link. I’m new to blogging and looking forward to meeting and greeting the wonderful array of fellow travellers on this journey of life. My blog is about embracing and honouring our lives and ourselves within it. How to get through some of those really tough moments and experiences we all have.

    It’s lovely to meet you and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  25. Hi Judith and thank you kindly for your invitation, I feel honored being on your beautiful page and it gives me a big smile to connect with people like you. My name is Ruby and I run the blog which is based on inspiration, spirituality in our daily life,daily problems and their solution. I love inspiring and helping people especially through the page I run with my husband Zed, the Psychic Nest . If you want to read a bit more about our background, our beliefs and how we started our spiritual path, you can read our blog here . On our Facebook page, we offer free introductory reading on auric body, energies and past life reading for all our new fans who like and share our page. I hope to see you there, have a blessed day. Much love and hugs! 🙂

  26. HI, Glenn — thanks so much for your kind words — I think I have time to watch your video tonight and find out how to generate some income out of this work I love so much. I’ll let you know after. 😎

  27. Thanks so much for the invite, Judith! I’m an Oklahoma gal(just back in this state 4 yrs) who’s kids are now grown and it’s now hubby, 2 pups, and I. Empty nester was never a “thing” for me….we are just enjoying life the best we can. I love to snap pics and post random “stuff” and share on my blog. I just hit one year of blogging last week and am still amazed at the fun and friends it has blessed me with! My “sister” lives a few states away….so this is a great way for she and I (and many others) to keep in touch. ♥ Paula Great to meet you!

  28. Hi Judith and the friends out there! Thank you Judith for inviting me. I had a pleasant trek on my down here. A lot on interesting people, ideas and sites. I’m Aya, keeper of the blog: Well, it’s supposed to be stories for children, but as a newby, I’m having fun stretching my creativity to wander into new facets. I’m looking forward to visiting your sites in the next couple of weeks — it will be an adventure! —Joyfully, Aya

  29. Hey, how are you? I was wondering what the 30 day spiritual badge is for? So I guess you liked my bug. Scary. I always knew we had some kind of connection. What did you mean when you wrote that you like Adam Lambert, I think that’s how you spell it, and you didn’t care who knew about it. Just wondering. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I see you’re pretty busy.

  30. Hi Judith, ty for the invite to post on this page 🙂 A few points throughout my life, I would get into writing, but more recently a dramatic life event resulted in a change in how I view life, and, as a result, really wanted to make writing a daily part of it. I write alot of haiku, but lately I’ve actually been getting into writing longer poems. My writing is usually more on the “serious” side, although, sometimes I just write some really silly haiku, just because silliness … well, it makes me laugh lol…. my blog address is … I write within a wide range of expressions and emotions, and styles as well, so watch out, and don’t judge my style off of one or a few poems lol… I have horrible patience, and usually call a poem finished before it has been worked enough… I need to work on that lol.

    cheers, Mike

    • Welcome, Mike, and thanks for letting us get to know you a little better! I am now officially following your blog, and I can’t wait to read your next poem, and your next, and your next! I’m glad you’re here 😎

    • Dear Dotty,

      I had planned to put your blog in as a resource — sorry I neglected to do that. I’m glad you got it on there, and I’m trying to get my comments changed to last first.

      More soon.



  31. Hey there 🙂 Nice initiative and very nice to make your acquaintance!

    Hi & welcome to slapppshot…tales of a single dad!
    Follow the story of a freestylin’ trio as they dropkick their way through life’s little intricacies.
    With a dash of rock’n’roll and a few jabs of humour to the solar plexus you will end up suckerpunched!
    Hope you enjoy, the door will be left ajar when you leave!

  32. Ooh! Ooh! I am the last one on the list today. Hopefully ya’ll made it down here okay. I know it’s quite a trek (albeit an enjoyable one). I am excited to be a part of a group of bloggers. Since joining the blogosphere, I’ve found a delightful and diverse group of people who are supportive and friendly. It makes my heart so very, very happy.

    Let’s see. A little about myself… Well, I have a blog called Muse~ings. You can find it at I don’t really have a theme for my blog and, quite frankly, I don’t want to. When I tried to write about just one thing, I started hating my blog. Now I just roll with it and enjoy what I write. Now I am much happier.

    Come on over and check it out if you have a couple of minutes. I love the company!

  33. Don’t miss the weekly fan fic soap opera at!

    I wrote a series of books with the idea that vampires and their lifestyle is nearly identical to bachelors and bachelorettes who use, abuse, and leave people heartbroken, depressed, and nearly lifeless. I took that thought further with the idea that since I have a B.S. in biology and know there is no natural way for vampires to exist, perhaps the first vampire was an angel who had gone mad and made a deal with the devil. In which case, God would give them an out similar to the one he have Lot with Sodom and Gomorrah. Then BAM! Six two hundred and something page long books were there.

    I work in healthcare and see how graceful and sometimes sad it is to be afflicted with diabetes which is why I like this blog. It gives a sense of community and support.

    Thank you so much for the invite.

  34. Thank you for the invite to your friend’s page, Judith. What a wonderful idea!

    I am new to the blogging world, both writing and reading. I had never read a blog before I started writing one this last April, a friend had suggested to me that I should share some of my gifts with the world. He had read some of my works and was impressed I suppose, so I thought about it and figured it would be good to share some insights that I have gleaned in Wisdom and Spirituality. I googled blogs, found WordPress and here we are 5000+ views later and writing a daily blog.

    My blog is fairly eclectic like it’s author. While I do tend to stay focused on Wisdom and Spirituality for the most part, including a weekly commentary on the Gospel of Thomas, I also write short works working with scenery description, as well as posts about my struggles through addictions and my tribulations with my mental disorder: Schizophrenia.

    Writing is a gift I neglected, apart from 20 years of journaling, but I have found a medium I truly enjoy and based on the response, one that is enjoyed by my followers as well.

    Please visit my site and leave a comment, impressed or not, and never feel like your opinion will be slighted, I welcome a difference in opinions….my religions studies are extremely diverse. I look forward to any and all visits.

    Once again, thank you Judith for the invite. 🙂

  35. Thank you, Judith for inviting me. This is such a great idea and an informative blog! (I didn’t realise how connected the wordpress community was, so I may also make a friend’s page, if you don’t mind?) I’m a speculative fiction writer / illustrator of a series called Unbound Boxes Limping Gods. It’s dystopian and grim in places, and based on a manuscript of the same name. Most of the stories are character shorts, based on a moment in their life, but there are other longer stories amongst them. They may seem disconnected, at first, but as more stories are published, the reader gets a greater sense of storyline. You can read each as a separate piece or go to the Story Timeline tab at the top, to read them in order. I also write poetry and short stories, but the Unbound Boxes series is my baby and I’d love people to visit her at:
    Once again, thank you for inviting me, and when I start a friend’s page, you’ll be the first person I invite. Good to meet you. Cheryl

    • Thank you, Cheryl, and welcome. I love your description of your writing — I hope many of my readers come to visit you. About once every two weeks, I remind my readers to go back and look at new sites. I got this Idea from another blogger, and of course you are more than welcome to make one on your blog. I am headed for your story timeline the next time I have any time to spare — I can’t wait to get started!

  36. Hi Judith and all your friends! Thank you so much for inviting me onto your friends page. I must say that this is a marvellous idea and if you don’t mind, I might steal it..I am new to WordPress and joined in March 2012. I love writing about all sorts of things but am mainly focusing on mental health issues and living with long-term health problems. I have a ‘tell it like it is’ style with a streak of dark humour throughout..I’d love it if some of you could pop by my blog and join me in a discussion sometime. Am hoping to meet lots of people through WordPress and share experiences and advice. Looking forward to seeing you soon at 🙂

  37. Hi Judith, Thanks for the invitation. I gladly accept. I’m Kenneth, a Dutch poet, originally from Suriname (South-America). I use a short writing style called Gladius Poeticus (Poetic Short Sword) which I developed myself out of writer’s block and laziness. My inspiration comes from observing nature and women (not exactly in that order). You can check it out here:

  38. Hello Judithatwood,
    This is an amazing blog, I also have a sister that was diagnosed with diabetes, she’s doing great as long as she does what is required of her. Your blog is so benefical to everyone, even if they are not a diabetic and that’s great. Keeping people informed is the key! I have a wonderful weightloss blog entitled:, and on there I am sharing information with women and men that are going through the weightloss thing and helping them to figure out how to lose it and keep it off for years and years. I love helping others, it’s my passion and I enjoy it. While helping others I benefit as well, I get to talk to people from all over the world, making friends in the process and that is an amazing wonderful thing! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you stopped here on the Friends page — I know a lot of my readers are always thinking about the weight thing. Hopefully, they’ll come visit you!

      • Thanks Judithatwood, I really hope they do visit, it will be worth their time! 🙂

  39. Hi again Judith. Wow!, what an interesting group of friends. I have just read through all of them. Thanks again for welcoming me into your world:) I look forward to sharing thoughts with you -Cheers
    Astro Joey:)

  40. Hey Judith,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with me. This is a great idea!. Find out about Astro Joey & The cosmic Rays at my blog and enjoy her tunes @
    Astro Joey is an all girl Virtual Cartoon band for kids. She has also written and illustrated some kids books available at lulu.;jsessionid=2D127B9985E0D3E281B112D757D1DCE2

    Some of her fun little videos can be viewed at her youtube site

    Astro Joey:)

  41. I’m copying this from another post, so you all can learn about my newest reader. Here is lightningpen:

    That quiting smoking a year ago added my recovery from mental illness tremendously. I have several ailments,but I’m thankful they’re treatable even thou it’s not perfect. I looked at one of the first book’s I put up for sale, thinking it was just fine, but it had so many errors on the first 2 pages I had to take that one, and 2 others off sale. I’ve decided to spend a few months fixing them, and it makes me happy to know I’m well enough to do that. With challenges come new opportunities to succeed, so I’m happy about this, because I got to write them in the first place. My URL is so there’s that , and thank you for having me.

  42. Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of this community. I must say this is a great idea and I’ve already subscribed to everyone else’s pages. I look forward to all of your future musings.
    As for me, I like to get people thinking about life differently through my writing. I generally see things in a different light than most so I enjoy expressing that.
    I also have a few running themes going through, like some of you. I have a ‘Shorts’ challenge where I write a approximate 50 page story every week this year and also I am hosting a music month, where everyday I share a piece of music with you and share its significance on me.
    So here’s all hoping you enjoy my thought puddles. THanks and I look forward to your comments all in the future

  43. Dear Judith,
    Why haven’t I added myself to your friends list before now? I thought I had but I hadn’t. I love your blog, I love your honesty, I love your wisdom, I love you. I’m honoured to be your bloggy friend. 😎
    Love Dotty xxx

  44. Glad to be a friend,judith! Thanks for the invitation. I am a medical student. I like to write about things that touch me and I sometimes pour out the teaspoonful of wit inside me into my blogposts. Trouble is, you gotta lure people into reading by adding a bit of humour or else they just wont read at all! Here is the link to my blog. .

  45. Hi Judith! Glad to be a part of the community you have here. Can’t wait to read your blog. If anyone wants to check out my… stuff… they can visit me at –I hope the link actually works, haha. I don’t really have a specific “theme” for my blog; not yet, anyway. But I try to keep it focused around mental illness and writing. There’s also a page for all the crap that doesn’t have a place elsewhere on my blog. Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog!

    • I know we’d all love to have you join us in our unorganized group. Please feel free to comment with your name, and information about you and your blog, (and please include URL.) Welcome.

  46. Hi Judith! Thank you for inviting me to your Friends section! I basically ramble about nothing in particular at my personal blog – Cheesecake Summer is nonsensical as I don’t write about cheesecake, or summer. I kind of dislike summer really, it’s too warm! Anyway, I live in KY USA with my husband and 3 cats and get through my days trying not to lose my mind at my customer service job where I work the “crazy insane out of their mind mad people” line. Also, my husband and I both study film – and I ramble about screenwriting on the Limebird site with the other awesome Limebird Writers 😀

  47. I can’t believe that I missed this! Judith is one of my earliest followers and we’ve had some lovely chats about all sorts of things.
    As for me, I’m a Taswegian living in Finland, ( who is about to leave the comforts of paid employment for the rollercoaster road of entrepreneurship.

  48. After I read posts of Judith on her blog, I have become one of her avid followers, as I was quite amazed at what she had written about, especially those under her “My Creations” that touched on religion and spirituality. Seeing posted for 30 days, all the 30 topics — from “Are you a spiritual person” [Day 1] to “Has your sense of your own spirituality been changed by participating in this challenge? Please explain.” [Day 30]. Of all posts, it was her Day 28 post, “Does your blog reflect your spirituality? If you don’t have a blog, would it if you did?” that struck my superego, in that while I was at the very outset contemplating on coming up with a blog about religion and spirituality, I felt so awkward, thus unprepared, to realize what I had contemplated. I grew up exposed to a lot of religious activities and was even a leader of our chapter’s Legion of Mary. But when I was in college when my social awareness developed, I was sort of lost interest in speaking about religion and spirituality in public (though I admit during the recent months I spent most of my time attending bible studies and prayer meetings). By the way, I am an HR practitioner now based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I have been in the HR practice for more than a decade. Used to work for Cebu-based local newspaper (Cebu is the second largest city in the Philippines), I love to write human interest stories and even politics and started writing when I was still in high school. I will be more than happy to share my thoughts about religion and spirituality, though.

  49. I love this idea! Thanks for giving me somewhere to find new blogs, Judith.

    Quite a few bloggers on here know me anyway, but I write about my experiences with mental illness, chronic pain and the issues I’m trying to work through like eating disorders and an inappropriate sense of guilt.

    I’m 27 and live in a seaside town in England. Unemployed, disabled, in a long-term relationship, stuck living with my mother, addict, poet. I promised myself I would always be painfully honest in my blog, and so far it’s going well.

  50. Hello Judith! My name is Nizam from Singapore. I guess I am just a guy who started a blog on first january this year to share with the world about my life and whats happening through my mind and eyes. I also started to get to know and distract myself to know more of others through their blogs like yours! I have at least a post per day, I will try to write and give my best to my readers! Thanks Judith for the invite and to your lovely posts! 😉

    • Welcome, and thanks for introducing yourself. I know my readers and I will love having you in the gang — and hopefully, some of them will find your page as well! Glad to have you onboard 😎

  51. Hi Judith
    Thanks for directing me to your friends page. My name is Nicola and I have officially taken charge of my life – Woo-hoo!!! Took me 35 years, but better late than never. I guess I am now inquisitive how the human mind works and how it interacts with our soul, and my first novel (almost completed) is mostly about that. My new blog is my airing broad for my writing and thinking!!

    • Welcome, Nicola! Congratulations on taking charge — I did that a few months ago, and nothing is ever the same again; it’s Better! I can’t wait to read some of your posts — from the sound of it, you and I both have in mind the different ideas, events, people, and other trivia that comes into our lives. Congratulations on your first Novel — please be sure to let us know here when it’s done. I’ll be following your blog, so I will get news from there, as well. I’m very glad to have you here! 😎

    • Thank you so much for coming over to look at us — this blogger family is amazing, and Dotty is the best, isn’t she? I’m looking forward to seeing your name in the comments, and I’ll be over to check your blog as soon as I can. 😎

  52. Judith,
    It is such a pleasure to meet you in this blogging world! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your friends page. I am also excited to meet and say hello to some new bloggers I havent yet met, and some I have. I am new to blogging, but not to the writing world. I have been a freelance writer for 10 plus yrs I have also been a talent agent and worked in the entertainment industry. I started my blog with the goal in mind to help me dive back into my writing… Didnt know it would be sooooo addicting 😀
    I enjoy writing a little bit of EVERYTHING. So if you get a chance please visit.
    I have also begun following many of the other bloggers on this page as well… Love connecting with others!
    Thanks again Judith your blog is awesome!

  53. Hi. I am Deb and write under the name of danLrene. Have written for years under that name. I am disabled, spend most of my time right here in this hospital bed with chronic pain but I am a fighter. Son calls me Robo mom because in order for me to be up, I have to put on leg brace, forearm crutches, tens unit, oxygen backpack..but as is my nature…I have to make it fun. I have rhinestone studded forearm crutches and glitter sparkle handles on the oxygen, etc. My blog is at
    I write about all sorts of things from life, to fun, to family here and always with working our dreams in mind. Thanks for allowing me in.

      • yes, I believe if you have to use the stuff….might as well sparkle with it. 🙂 I had to get a new leg brace and they asked me what color. I said color??? they said yes, you can get tan, blue, green, sparkle red…and of course you know me enough now to know I chose sparkle red. I said I would be like Mammy in Gone with the Wind…no one will see it but I will know and smile every time I feel it like she did her red taffeta petticoat that Rhett Butler gave her. 🙂

  54. I love this post idea. A great community builder. I know that I always look forward to seeing whether you like my comic your not. And I guess that is what a friend is; somebody leading a life alongside yours, and you value each others opinions when your paths cross. So thank you. And thanks for bringing such a good collection of bloggers together.

    Pedo Koneko

    For those who are interested:
    (if you want to put in the time, it probably isn’t that much I recommend starting from the beginning because it is a chronological story, even if it doesn’t seem like it)

  55. Hello Judith, and everyone. I am Mlissabeth, and I have two blogs. The first blog is called “Mlissabeth’s Musings,” where I write poems, haiku and little gems of attention, called small stones. The address is

    My other blog is “Hooks, Lines and Singer” where I blog about my passion for crocheting, some repurposing, and other poems. That address is

    I look forward to having you and your readers visit.

  56. Hi Judith! Thanks for inviting me to come here and share.

    I am a long-time diarist and blogging has been a great outlet for my thoughts and writings. At, I share my life from pictures of what I’m up to to dog stories to family history to thoughts on the game of life.

    I also have another blog, A Daily Life, at This is a resource for diarists and bloggers. It has prompts, book reviews, WordPress solutions, and posts about writing and creativity.

    I look forward to getting to know you and your readers better!


  57. Hello Judith and Friends,
    I am happy to be invited here to tell you a bit about myself. I write the Inside Out Cafe and after a year of blogging every day (almost) I created a challenge called No Comfort Zone Weekly Challenge-2012. This challenge is to encourage us to do something different, take a different route home, listen to new music, read a book in a new genre, submit a written article, wear a dress to work (um… that was my challenge), and on and on. I’ve been inspired by the others who’ve joined and it’s been a blast!

    Thanks again for letting me ramble. Wonderful to meet you and have you join the NoCZ-2012 challenge!

    ~Marge Katherine~

    • Hello, Marge Katherine. So nice to see you on the Friends page — Thanks again for following, and I hope we’ll see you in the comments every once in a while. I’m adding you to my blogroll, as well. Welcome!

    • Thanks, Neeks — My friends page has finally taken off — it took a couple of months. But thanks so much for the inspiration, and for your support, and for signing on. I love Limebird — not surprised at all to find that you are a part of it 😎

  58. Thank you so much Judith, and Hello friends!
    I am most humbled by the invite and to be part of this amazing community of writers. How awesome is this?
    . Some of you I recognize and hope soon to know you all. I write/blog under the name Barefoot Baroness which is a name I so aptly qualify for. I have been a journal keeper and story teller all my life always focusing on what is occurring around me. At my blog: http:/ I enjoy surrounding myself with people and things that bring harmony and peace to my small world and the larger one outside my window..

    I am a child advocate, an artist of any medium I can get my hands on but have had a love affair with paper since I was a child. I am a women who lives in chronic pain & fatigue.& I refuse to be managed by it. I advocate for myself and others who are working everyday to navigate their lives through these two conditions caused by too many illnesses to list. My quest is to enjoy the journey, living each moment by moment, staying only mindful of those moments. Focusing on a positive return always.

  59. Hello Judith!

    The Short and the Long of it is the personal blog of our very own LimebirdNeeks! 😀

    Our blog is: but you are already a lovely regular follower of the blog. We are proud to be classed at a friend of this blog! Especially as you are a fellow kidney-problem-sufferer and your posts are inspirational.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

    B and all the Limebird Writers x

  60. Hello Judith

    Thanks for all this information. My father in law has diabetes and I was looking for some information. I see I cam to the right place. He is very old and we do not speak the same language so it is great to be able to understand his problems better.
    My blog is I write about whatever comes into my mind.

    • Welcome, Kerry! I usually have some kind of health content about once or twice a week — so many of my problems with Diabetes have been related to Depression. Heart Disease and Kidney disease are also up there, if that will help. I’m glad to have you aboard!

  61. What a nice idea 🙂 i am honored to be a friend .

    My name is Aslan Kanshaw, I live in Syria but i am from a Caucasian “circassian” origin, and my home land is a small republic called Kabardinia in Russia.
    My blog is titled “Dark Zone”, i write mostly poetry though i am not a pro and i don’t consider my self a poet, i just write to reflect what i feel whether its good or bad, lovely or sad..
    you are welcomed to visit my blog, and i hope you find something that might interest you 😀


    • Thanks, Aslan! I do a post about once a week to remind people of new Friends on that page, so maybe I’ll do one today. After work. And thank you for the award — again, after work, I’d be honored to accept it.

    • No worries — took me months to be able to say the whole name without stumbling — they’re my older sister S.’ dogs, but I get to own them through her by hearing about all their craziness! The two with white are the barkers — the other two are cool as cucumbers! I’m glad you found us — welcome!!!

  62. Hello Judith, hello everyone!
    Thank you for welcoming me here, you’re so nice! I am happy I found your blog through Cee..I love your dogs, they are all cute. What breed are they, cocker spaniel?
    OK, let me introduce myself..I am a stay at home mom turned blogger. Blogging is my “Me Time”…You can visit me here at
    Nice meeting you Judith! God bless you.

  63. Hi Judith, thanks for the invite and also for following my blog.
    “mother, beader and coffee lover” ( writes about all sorts of random stuff in her life, her kids and one of the loves of her life – beads & beading creations! and a little bit of sewing thrown in aswell.

    Feel free to pop over to check out my beads at either Facebook (Marcato Designs), web page ( or my shop front on Handmade (
    I love to see/meet/read about new people and I welcome you to any of my pages.
    Keep smiling 🙂

    • Thanks,Jennifer, for contributing to the Friends page — I’ll make sure people know to go look. I’m really glad to have you with us. I should tell you, I found out about you from Heather, at Kanerva — she refers to you often in her posts. I hope to hear from you again soon, and I’ll be following your blog, as well. 😎

  64. Thanks Judith for providing me an opportunity to share my blog details . My blog, is an attempt at sharing what I have seen and heard happening all around me.
    By the way have a history of diabetes in my family and it was a search for info that lead me to your blog. You are an inspiration Judith.

    • Manoj, I’m so glad you took the time to introduce yourself! I have had a notoriously hard time getting people to comment on that page — thanks so much for showing the courage! You’ll find if you continue to follow my posts that I do talk about diabetes sometimes, although my blog has become as much an exploration of my own personality as anything else. Again, thanks for letting us get to know you and your writing. Welcome!

  65. I am your friend, and you are my blessing. This is my site:
    My name is Jackie Paulson, I am an aspiring writer whom wants to publish my books one day. I love to read and do book reviews…I love NCIS. I love my cats and all of my friends here on wordpress.

    • I’m proud to be your friend, Jackie, and I am hoping for you that you get something published really soon, so you don’t lose heart. I love your stuff — my readers will, too. Many thanks, my friend.

  66. I’m very proud to be one of Judith’s many friends and readers! My name is George Kinnard and my blog is Coalescence. I write about my life, both past and present. My intent is to be introspective, not narcissistic. Like most everyone, I’m working through some things; I find that writing helps this process. Please come by and pay me a visit—if you’re a friend of Judith’s, you’re a friend of mine!

  67. It has just been a couple of days that I came to know Judith through the blog! And I am so proud to be one on this page. I am a research student in Sociology studying at the University of Delhi and am very interested in literature, movies and am a huge dreamer. Love dreams of all hues and varieties.
    On my blog I post a variety of things-poems, short literary pieces. Of late I have been interviewing my friends in the “Showcasing My Friends” series where I ask them questions in order to know more about them and also let everyone know. The idea behind the series is that a man is known by the company he keeps!

    I am glad to be here and wish to be in touch! Hope to have you on my series sometime soon 🙂


    • Thank you for choosing to write on my Friends page, and thank you for your kind words about me. I am glad to have some “place” (read “details”) in which to see you now; and I hope my readers will visit and get to know you and your blog. Welcome to the family!

      • Hi, Judith.
        Thank you for commenting on my post and inviting me to introduce myself. My name is Arlin Luttrell, a freelance writer (and International Banker) from Missouri. I am interested in politics, and the direction of our country in particular. Age: 61 years of experience.
        My mission is to inform and raise awareness of topics you won’t hear on the evening news and create dialogue. Hope to share your thoughts……..Thank you again for the invite. We’ll be talking.

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