Morgellons Syndrome

I’ve created this page as a place to share information and to find others who are living with Morgellons.  I hope it will become a valuable reference.

I opened this page a year ago, and not had much response, but I have a new slant on Morgellon’s to share.  I now have the fibers, red and blue, coming out of undamaged skin, and somehow they make their way across my skin, leaving a row of little dots behind.  I don’t have my camera with me at the moment, but as soon as I do, I’ll post a couple of pictures.

BTW, my wound care NP turned me on to Calmoseptine — a cream that ameliorates the itching, though nothing stops it all together.  It’s just zinc oxide and menthol, but it works somewhat for me.  Might be worth a try.

5/3/2013 ==

Concerning proving its existence in my skin to doubters:

During my appointment with my  diabetes NP, yesterday, I noticed an unusually dark red fiber emerging from an old scar on my left arm. As it turns out, my NP had made quite a study of Morgellons during the time since my first visit.  She asked me about the disbelief factor with my doctors, and I told her how I agonized over it until I spoke with a nurse psychiatrist, who believed me.  Then, I was able to relax, and I relaxed further when I took photographs that plainly showed the fibers when enlarged as far as they could go.  Now that I had that proof, I stopped needing to try to prove anything to my doctors.

But, when I found such an obvious example, I decided to try again.  Wonder of wonders, my NP saw the fiber, then was able to see others I pointed out.  For months, I dreamt of just such acceptance.  So, two medical professionals have identified the irrefutable truth — Morgellon’s is not in my head.  (Well, it most likely is in my head, as I have fibers everywhere on and coming out of my body, but I mean not my imagination.)  Who’s to say what might happen next?

If any of my fellow morgellon-ite readers would like to share your stories, comment here, and I will put you on the list of guest authors, so you can post on this page.  In the meantime, tranquility to all of us in our efforts to prove that we don’t have group delusional parasitosis.


7 responses to “Morgellons Syndrome

  1. I just discovered your site today. I am looking forward to reading all the information you’ve posted. Thank you. Ann

  2. Hi, Judith. I’m glad I met you here — as a result of the 100-Word Challenge. I came back over today to read more and get to know you better. My heart goes out to you concerning the physical problems you have been facing — and dealing with quite positively from what I can tell. Your determination to overcome is wonderful. I wanted to share a site with you that you might find very encouraging and faith building. I’m not sure, of course, where you are in your belief concerning healing from the Lord, but I am a minister, and along with two other ministers, I host the blog “Healing From Jesus.” I thought perhaps you might like to know about it.

    My family and I have faced a number of very serious physical situations during our lives, and although we have experienced a number of human doctors and specialists (some great; some horrible), we have always found the Lord to be our most faithful Doctor and His Word our most faithful medicine. During 40 years of ministry, I have had the opportunity to minister God’s healing Word and power to so many people and see their lives changed dramatically — and sometimes their lives saved from what the doctors thought would be certain death.

    I just got a notice from WordPress Saturday that the “Healing From Jesus” blog has been online for exactly one year. We have had visits from 2300 people during this year — from 65 different countries. Most of them don’t comment much openly, but they send us e-mails with comments and prayer requests. It has been a delightful experience being able to help hurting people by way of this cyberspace tool. Anyway, I’m passing the link on to you just in case you’d like to visit the site and see if something there will lift your faith and help you on your road to recovery.

    Blessings on you today.

    • Hello, Sandra. Thank you for your gracious invitation and your testimony of the power of God in your life. I am something of an odd case, when comes to faith. I’m a former local pastor from the United Methodist Church, and I left when I realized I was far too immature to be offering anyone guidance for their faith. In addition, I was fed up to here with the organized church as a whole — the hierarchy of the Methodist system finally struck me as dangerously focused on the power of the church, and less on the power of God. I left halfway through my seminary studies, and thus far, I’ve not returned to any church.

      In addition, I am very interested in world religions other than Christian, from the perspective that we all believe in the goodness of a power much greater and more life-changing than our own. I suppose I am a pagan, which I know is a long way off from being a Christian. But I still pray, and I have been the beneficiary of other people’s prayers most of my adult life. I haven’t eliminated the possibility of finding a church again, but I approach the subject with very different criteria now. I am endeavoring to write a collection of sermons organized by the lectionary — when I was preaching the word, I felt the strongest and most empowered in my belief in God’s goodness. So that is the long answer to the short question of where my faith is now. I strive to always do good works, and I believe that I have been amazingly blessed in this life.

      I just didn’t want you to read my less-than-strict opinions on the churches in our society. I will certainly pop over to your site, with an open mind and open heart. Again, thank you for you concern and your gracious offer. With much love.

      • I really do understand a lot of your feelings concerning the “organized church.” Regardless of which denomination — including non-denominational (and I’ve been in several different ones during my 65 years) — the church as we know it has a lot to answer for.

        They have basically left the reality of Jesus Christ and what He came to give us and become in us. I do go to a church, but my ministry has always been primarily inter-church and para-church more than within the organized institution.

        When I talk to people who do not know much about Christianity, I try to tell them that they must understand that real Christianity is NOT a religion. It is a Father and His family — and the Son/Our Brother who paid the price to make us all righteous enough to live in the Father’s presence for eternity.

        I encourage them to get into the Gospels and meet the real Jesus and develop a personal relatioship with Him before they look for a church body with which to worship. Because none of us is perfect or holy and will never be able to make ourselves holy — regardless of how many church rules we follow. The only way to become perfect and holy enough to spend eternity in the presence of a holy God is to receive that righteousness that is freely given to us by that God Himself — not the church. And since that holy God with whom we want to spend eternity tells us clearly that there is only one avenue through which He provides that righteousness, Jesus Christ, their hope is in Him and not some institution.

        And I guarantee you that you won’t find any church doctrines on the healing site. In fact, so much of what we share on there is so directly and concretely out of the Word of God that it runs head-on into the face of so many religious doctrines that are full of error and have kept people in a state of semi-unbelief for generations.

        But please don’t feel obligated to visit that site either. I just wanted to make sure you knew it was there, and hoped that you might find something there that encourages your own faith.

  3. There is a Facebook page where you can share about Morgellon’s in private if you’d like. It is called Morgellon’s Safe Harbor.

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